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A Bit About Us

Glenda Gore, APRN, FNP-BC

Glenda Gore, an Arkansas native, has been caring for patients for over 20 years. She began her career as a Registered Nurse, in 2001. She graduated from East Arkansas Community College with an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. She worked a majority of her career as an emergency room nurse. She received her BSN at Arkansas Tech University in 2015. In 2019 she went on to complete her MSN at the University of Central Arkansas. 


After becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, she accepted a position with a large company performing in-home wellness visits for patients. Glenda launched Healing Journey Health & Wellness, PLLC, in April of 2021. Since starting her own business, she has provided care to patients via in-home and Telehealth visits throughout the pandemic. Additionally, it was during this time that she also began pursuing a certification in Functional Medicine from the School of Applied Functional Medicine. In September of 2022, she completed her Level 1 certification. She will begin the Level 2 training in the spring. 

Due to the exponential growth of the practice, she came to realize the need for a brick and mortar location to be able to better serve the needs of her patients. 

Outside of healthcare, Glenda is also a wife and mother. She and her husband live here in Central Arkansas and have 3 children. When she isn't working, you will catch her hanging out on her porch, at the lake or cuddled up with a dog or cat in her lap. 

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What We Offer

A Unique Approach to Healthcare

At Healing Journey Health and Wellness, we are proud to take an innovative approach within our practice. We are a direct primary care clinic located in Central Arkansas. Beyond traditional modalities, we also offer functional medicine appointments to give our patients options in their treatment and care. Our first priority is always putting the best interest of our patients first. 

We offer affordable healthcare services for those without adequate health insurance coverage. We also accept some insurances for primary care visits. Please call us at 501-900-4549 to make an appointment or to verify the health insurance plans we are currently accepting. 

Doctor's Appointment

Why Us? 

A Listening Ear

A common issue we hear from our patients is that they don't feel heard as they are often rushed through the fast-paced medical landscape. This is where we differ and what really sets Healing Journey Health and Wellness apart from the rest. We are unique and that is a great thing for you. 

Unfortunately, too many healthcare practices have lost the patient centered approach that defines our practice. We will never rush appointments or dismiss our patient's concerns. We feel that patient care should be a relationship with open communication, including informed consent. Every person deserves an opportunity to make the best choice for themselves and their family members, especially when it comes to things concerning our bodies. We will inform and educate patients on all options and allow them to ultimately decide what they feel most comfortable with based on the benefits and possible risks. 

 Healing Journey Health and Wellness was founded on the principle of helping to empower our patients, through knowledge and education, while supporting them, as they make important healthcare decisions. 

For those who desire it, traditional healthcare will ALWAYS have a place in our model. However, we also offer patients the freedom to choose non-traditional modalities if they desire. 

Additionally, our doors are open to ALL people. We will always provide respectful and compassionate care to our patients as we feel strongly that EVERYONE has a place here. 

Herbal Medicine
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